Dining in Style – Trends in Dining Room Furnishings

This is the time of year that our dining rooms become the star of our homes. More than any of other time of year, this is when we use our formal dining rooms for family gatherings, neighborhood get-togethers and friends who stop by to celebrate the season. In addition to formal dining spaces, many families incorporate eating areas into their kitchens and other rooms of the home.

How do you feel about your current dining spaces? If you feel yours is less than fabulous or you just want some new inspiration, check out this list of the latest dining furnishing trends we are seeing in our client’s homes and in our travels. (more…)

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5 Lighting Trends to Brighten Up Your Home

We love lighting!  Not only does it serve the purpose of brightening a space, but it also helps to define the look and feel of a room. Consider your lighting selection an opportunity to put your stamp on a space. You want it to add personality to the room without being overwhelming. We’ve rounded up some of the latest lighting trends to help get your creative juices flowing. (more…)

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Pantone’s 2015 Spring Color Trends Are A Breath of Fresh Air

In a world where everything seems to be bold and bright, it’s refreshing to see that Pantone has introduced more subtle colors in their 2015 Spring Color Trends. More neutral tones means that you can carry these colors from season to season, creating timeless style. Let’s look at how you can incorporate a few of these colors into your home. (more…)

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Switzerland’s unique modern architecture really wows!

You never know where you are going to find architectural details that really wow you.


Recently while I was on vacation with my family in Italy we traveled into Lugano, Switzerland to visit some friends.  Lugano is 30 miles from the Italian border and just 30 minutes away from Lake Como (where George Clooney has a home). Sadly, we didn’t see George, but I did see some things that were surprising.  After spending just a few minutes in our friend’s modern four level condo I was struck by how different it was from American architecture, not only in the details but in methods of construction as well. (more…)

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Ten Questions To Consider When Selecting Window Treatments

A guide to choosing the right window treatments.

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between valances, swags, and panels we’d like to talk about how to determine which window treatment will work best.   When we work with clients to design window treatments there is a series of questions that we consider before making a recommendation. (more…)

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Dress Up Your Windows

A Guide to Window Treatment Styles.

Window treatments are an integral part of a room’s overall design scheme.  When you are redecorating, they should be considered in concert with your furnishings, flooring, accessories, and artwork.   But to be perfectly honest, we find that window treatments are the commonly the last thing on the list.  We certainly understand how that can happen; there are so many options in type and style that it can be overwhelming!   So we’re dedicating this blog to explaining the different types of window treatments that are available.  The list below will help you in understanding the lingo and descriptions decorators use and you read about in magazines. (more…)

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