Football Shirts: What is the best way to prospect?

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Nike football shirts are made from a range of innovative fabrics, designed to keep you moving with confidence, from the first whistle to the last seconds. Finally Barca's third jersey is also magnificent with this white background and this sort of cross in the colors of the club! The first regimental colors were presented by the Marchesa de Dufferin et d'Ava on 24 May 1874 during a parade held at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. If the Valenciennes player Abdeslam Ouaddou had not drawn attention to the Metz supporter making repeated use of racist insults against him on February 16, 2008, he would never have been worried. The second period is all the more dominated by the GF38 after the first quarter of an hour but the Parisians well in place did not give in. Grenoble redoubled their efforts but failed to regain the advantage before the end of the first period.

A less stuffy sports press appeared at the very end of the century, and these titles gave a large place to football. With his new coach, the results are even worse in 2009-2010 and a fifteenth and penultimate place seven points from maintenance, synonymous with a return to regional. After having tested the bunkering of stadiums with the installation of fences and other portcullises to channel the crowd, the authorities now prefer to deal with the problem upstream by prohibiting violent supporters from the stadium, allowing the abandonment of a defensive attitude and very aggressive, still de rigueur in many nations, which at certain stages give the appearance of war zones. Some authors refer to the term hooligan as all violent supporters, even though there is more than a nuance between a lambda supporter suddenly becoming violent and taking the opposing stand. The Veltins-Arena, Schalke 04 stadium located in Gelsenkirchen, was built from 1998 for 191 million euros, including 10 million from the city and 5 million from supporters. Its local rival, the secular Stade Auxerrois still exists, but plays in the Burgundy championship.

In 1927, the regional title entitles the Touraine club to participate in the "Promotion Division" of the French Amateur Championship. Now paying very expensively for the rights to retransmit matches, some broadcasters are becoming demanding in terms of the calendar, in particular for the staggering of championship days to allow the broadcasting of several matches. But football is also becoming a major competitive issue. Thus, in France, in addition to the weekly Le Football Association, the official organ of the FFFA created on October 4, 1919, the first title dedicated exclusively to football was the weekly Football (1929-1944) which proudly displays in its header "Le largest circulation of football weeklies worldwide". Middlesbrough FC is the first English club to have such a tool. The clubs have long-standing written media, the match program in the first place. Instead of playing a role of mediator, the French media throw oil on the fire, yesterday as today, placing the referees in complicated situations.

The last French examples of clubs of the same level located in the same city are those of Vannes (Vannes OC is the result of the merger of the two historic clubs of the city in 1998) and La Roche-sur-Yon (same for La Roche VF in 1989). In these cases, it is a question of merger between a club resulting from a Catholic patronage and a club displaying itself as secular. The only French professional club with Catholic patronage is AJ Auxerre. The Parisian club wants to win everything every season. The presence of a single club in a city poses other problems, such as the municipalization of the club, with all the possible excesses at this level. L'Éveil mendois spent many years in the regional divisions of the Ligue du Languedoc-Roussillon, before breaking through for the first time at national level by becoming champion of Languedoc in 2000, which allowed him to climb for the first time in his history in CFA 2. After two seasons at this level, the club experienced sporting and then financial difficulties and after a return to the Division d'Honneur, it filed for bankruptcy in 2004. It joined forces with ASC Valdonnez to become the Future Foot Lozère. The rise in rights paid by television allows professional clubs to emancipate themselves a little, but the problem remains unsolved at the amateur level.

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