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The third and last is an online game called Foot 2 street: Build your legend! Clermont Foot has been playing in Ligue 2 since 2007 and will join Ligue 1 in 2021, the first Auvergne club to play at this level. Despite everything, the Angevin club being in league 1 at the moment, the tensions and the rivalry between the two clubs are no longer really relevant. TV rights represent €79.7m (compared to €122.7m in 2014) and have become the 2nd source of revenue (40%), overtaken by sponsorship and merchandising (49% – also down 5% despite the arrival of new sponsors such as the banking institution Banca Popolare di Milano or the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei). Between 1991 and 1998, PSG maintained sound finances and the club's expenses amounted to around 50 million euros per season, taking advantage of the rise in TV rights, the doubling of the number of spectators at the Parc des Princes as well as profitable performances in national or European cups. Milan Entertainment Srl is the company born in 2005 as Servizi Milan Srl, to which the Associazione Calcio Milan Spa has ceded the twenty-year exploitation rights for a value equal to 183 million euros according to an expert report by Professor Paolo Jovenitti.

The Associazione Calcio Milan Spa controls 100% of Milan Entertainment Srl, Milan Real Estate Spa and Fondazione Milan Onlus. Milan Real Estate Spa is the company managing the club's real estate including the headquarters at 3, Via Filippo Turati and the Milanello sports centre. Since 1966, the club's headquarters have been at 3, cheap football shirts Via Filippo Turati in Milan. Finally, the club has also created the Milan Media Factory, which results from an association between the club and Infront Advanced Media Solutions, and whose purpose is to produce and distribute content about the club via new media (website, Web TV, social networks, smartphone and tablet PCs). While only one other club in this ranking has seen its income decline like Milan, Milan recorded by far the largest drop (-€50.6m), due to the disappointing 10th place in Serie A during the 2014/2015 season. which deprived the European Cup club and therefore many resources (in particular TV rights). With 5 fewer home matches compared to the previous season due to the absence of the European Cup, ticketing revenues fell by 10% to €22.3m. However, cheap football shirts this amount is significantly reduced compared to the old contract with Mediaset.

All its resources are dwindling. The following year, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimović, who became the club's top scorer and remained so until January 27, 2018, when he was overtaken by Edinson Cavani, signed up for Paris for an exorbitant salary of 15 million euros. euro per year. The seven matches of the French team are the seven best audiences of the year 2006 on French television channels. For the year 2015, two new places were lost to reach 14th. Deloitte estimates Milan's revenues in 2015 at €199.1m. Panini publishes the club's official newspaper, Forza Milan! From January 1997 to 2004, the journal was edited in-house. Adidas has been the club's equipment supplier since 1998 and on January 15, 2008 extended its contract until 2017. It pays €10.5 million annually to AC Milan. After two decades, Milan and Adidas have ceased their collaboration. In Italy, Milan remains one of the three most popular clubs. Each year, the Deloitte firm establishes, in its Deloitte Football Money League study, the ranking of clubs according to their income.

Finally, stadium tickets/subscriptions are the last source of income (11%, the lowest proportion among the clubs in this ranking). US Orléans Loiret football opened its training center in September 2010 at the Regional Youth and Sports Center (CRJS), located at the La Source sports stadium. The departure of Leonardo allows the arrival of Luís Campos as football adviser at the beginning of June 2022. A few weeks later, it is the turn of coach Mauricio Pochettino to be thanked. The fund activates its securities and officially takes control of the club on July 11, 2018. On June 1, 2022, it officially announces the sale of 70% of its shares to a new American fund, Red Bird Capital Partners, which thus becomes the club's new owner. A few minutes later it was again Anthony Modeste's turn to shine with a pass for Loïc Rémy who made the break.

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